Umbrella Companies

With Axelor’s verticalized version for umbrella companies, you get four key inputs for a proper management of business portage : task automation, integrated communication, data centralization, and last but not least, the contractor portal.

A truly integrated accounting for your business

With Axelor’s integrated accounting, it is possible to calculate : your turnover based on issued invoices, the net salary of your contractors based on their revenue and social security contributions, and your management costs. Analytical reportings are also available, along with custom dashboards and alerts for each user.

For proper human resources management

Axelor gives you access to HR functionalities tailored for your business : employment contracts, contractors’ purchases and expense account, mileage, time tracking, hoarding of their disposable revenue. This module allows you to prepare payroll, and to provide your contractors with balance sheets, which are automatically generated from the application.

The contractor portal

A custom portal for contractors allows them to monitor billing processes and commercial contracts. It is a real added value for them, and a real time saver, as they can enter expense reports and mileage charges straight from their mobile phone, even when offline.

Boost your turnover by making your users’ billing work easier

With Axelor, you can generate commercial contracts, and invoices directly from them. Moreover, you benefit from visual and accurate tracking of sales and remaining invoices. You can also manage authorized outstanding amounts. Finally, you can create payments directly from your bills.