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A powerful and optimized ERP

Technical Architecture

Very reactive

Accessible from a simple web browser, Axelor’s ERP is extremely reactive.
Displaying views is immediate, and mass processing is done very quickly, for an optimal user experience.


Unlike traditional management solutions and monolithic ERP, Axelor is truly modular.
The different applications can be installed and uninstalled easily, not just hidden as in many other solutions. The ERP is therefore lighter with faster access to the database.

A modular Architecture …

… Based on the best Open Source technologies

Many features :

Integrated management of all trade widgets
Automatic update of data models
Centralized management of triggers, events, actions
Advanced management of access rights by user/groups etc.
Creation of integrated graphs
Translation modules
Multi time zones
Integrated data import-export ETL
Integrated scheduler
Multi databases (MySQL and postgresql for now, integration of Oracle eventually)
Based on JAVA standards