Axelor Open Suite, the customized offer for sales specialists


At a time of omnichannel and seamless journey, customer satisfaction is your priority. With Axelor’s Open Source ERP, you are able to offer a customer experience that makes a difference. More responsive, you can manage your quotes, orders, invoicing, stock movements in a single space.

Axelor Open Suite supports you as closely as possible to your business processes. Flexible, robust, complete, the ERP answers all your issues and allows you to gain in efficiency.


A complete application

✓ Cash register system (connectors)
✓ Requirements calculation
✓ Customer support
✓ Decision support: Purchase proposal
✓ Multi-channel strategy

✓ Batch tracking with serial number
✓ Manage complex product
✓ Advanced inventory management
✓ Optimize your purchasing management

Advanced inventory management

With Axelor Retail, you can access real-time inventory management. You can view the availability of all your products in the shop and in your warehouses at any time and manage stock transfers between points of sale. Set up your minimum stock rules or use the need calculator to never be out of stock.

GérEasily manage your payments at the sales point

Axelor Open Suite connects to cash register software, accessible online on all types of media : computer, tablet, smartphone and cash register system. The cash register integrates with the entire Open Source ERP system and allows you to manage your points of sale in real time.

Phygital and innovative

Axelor ERP supports you on all your supports. Physical store or online store, it doesn’t matter: your customers are everywhere, and the application goes with you everywhere.

Several connectors (Prestashop, Magento) allow you to connect to your e-commerce and offer a seamless experience between your different channels.

Automated inventory, barcode and invoice management: let the software work for you and focus on customer satisfaction.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between hosting directly on your servers or hosting in the cloud on our dedicated servers.