Public sector

The ERP which meets the needs of administrations and local authorities and adapts to their budget management and public accounting problems.

Public Procurement contract management

Follow the evolution of public work contracts since their creation up to their closing. The public sector ERP manage all type of tendering markets.

Budget Management and Public Accounting

Axelor allows you to manage all your budgets since the preparation and up to the accounting execution.

Budget preparation

Prepare your N + 1 budget based on the year N.
Make your budget distribution by :
Analytical nature
Cost item

Budget execution

The public sector ERP manages the execution of your various budgets and allows you to monitor their consumption. Create commitments by controlling the amount available to commit by partner and by service based on the upstream allocation.
The application automatically manages the tracking of different budgets and alerts you when you have consumed or when your are closed to consume the amounts allocated.

Specific invoicing management

The invoicing module allows you to process all your invoices in mass. In addition, thanks to the schedule-based payment management functionality, your schedules are automatically determined and you access a payment tracking system.

Rationalize the management of your purchases

Axelor integrates the management of your purchases, and allows you, through its supplier portal, to easily make your suppliers into competition and analyze the proposals in order to make the most suitable choice.

Manage all your human resources with integrated HR applications

Simplify the management of your human resources and reduce your operating costs.
You can centralize all the HR information of your agents and manage their requests for holidays and absences, expense reports, timesheets … etc.
The public sector ERP also manages careers, recruitment and training, as well as payroll preparation.

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