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Easily create your business applications without, or with few developments

ERP integrates the App Builder platform, consisting of a BPM and a studio, which makes it possible to create or modify business applications easily, in a few clicks, graphically and without specific development.

Avoid the issues generally associated with development cycles

Avoid the complexity and tunnel effect of traditional ERP projects, which are long delays and high costs.
You can meet the needs expressed by your customers without getting into time-consuming and complex custom developments.

Flexible applications

Be more reactive : adapt your applications and processes to your business needs.
You will be able to answer quickly all the requests of your customers.

Save time on your projects while responding to customer needs

Thanks to Axelor’s tools dedicated to partners, get a full prototype upstream that the customer validates, to avoid project slippage afterwards and a mismatch of the application needs.
The ¾ of a project are made by settings thanks to the Axelor architecture, which strongly reduces the specific developments.

Greater freedom

Work freely on the Enterprise or Community version whose functional scope is identical.

Choose your database (PostgreSQL, MySQL or Oracle, other databases will be supported).

Develop with your favorite language, Axelor supports Java, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy and Javascript (Node Js server side). Other languages are being integrated: Python, C/C++, Php, …

With Axelor products, we greatly improve our productivity, which makes us very competitive in tenders.


Managing Director, iOrga Engineering

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