How do you define a CRM ?

A CRM is a business software for customer relationship and commercial management. It allows a company to manage all interactions with its customers and prospects, throughout the whole sales cycle. It can be directly integrated in the ERP as a module, or used independently.

Benefits of a CRM

The implementation of a CRM offers multiple advantages. Acquiring a customer relationship management solution is no longer the privilege of big companies : such solutions are now relevant for SMEs and micro-companies.

The solution allows to monitor all interactions with customers and prospects, from the initial contact all the way to the sale, including first sales meetings.
A CRM will also automate certain tasks to improve the quality of commercial follow-up, such as appointment scheduling or automatic emailing.

A CRM is thus an essential commercial management and sales tool. It makes managing sales teams easier, with precise dashboards and customized reports, while also easing the identification of the most interesting prospects.

A CRM also helps to retain customers, by making it possible to centralize all of their informations within a single solution, and keep a history of all interactions. The CRM will thus manage after-sales services, and gather all of your customers’ preferences.

Définition crm

Which are the main selection criteria for a CRM ?

The choice of an ERP will depend on several factors and criteria :

  • Company size and business sector
  • The need for a scalable and flexible customer relationship management solution
  • The available budget
  • A Cloud or On-premise CRM
  • The desired ease of use
  • The need to interface the CRM with other softwares such as an ERP

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