Supply of raw materials, human or material capital management, manufacturing, and requirements management, are all complex tasks. With Axelor, get a solution to these problems. This solution allows you to manage all business processes in an integrated and advanced way.

Accurate nomenclatures

Axelor offers unlimited tree structure for all nomenclatures. You can create nomenclatures by product model: this way, only one will be enough for all product variants. Moreover, we offer a customization wizard to integrate tailor-made products.

Stop getting lost while calculating your needs

Calculate your needs by product, category, or product family; for forecasted or effective sales; and easily exclude a product from the calculation. Our calculator makes necessary proposals and prioritizes. You can also group your needs to turn them automatically into a purchase or production order, case-by-case or in bulk.

Automate the link between machines

Axelor gives you the ability to set charging stations for each phase, and alternative charging stations : your production may no longer be stopped. Besides, it offers visual monitoring of the evolution of the load per machine, per hour or per day, with a single click.

From production to stocks, and from stocks to production

Axelor gives you access to an inventory management module adapted to your activity, including management of residual products and materials. Your stocks movements are planned when the production order is issued, and registered along with the production.

A billing suited
to production

Axelor automatically generates production orders from customer purchase orders. You can invoice them as you wish : for each case, for the actual expenses or the manufacturing cost.