The Open Source ERP

Accelerate your growth through a modular and scalable approach

Axelor gives you complete freedom with its fully Open Source technology. Unlike competitors’ management software, all Axelor’s code is freely accessible. You can decide at your discretion to no longer work with us and continue to use the solution, and even modify it to suit your needs. Keep control over your ERP!
For even more flexibility, Axelor integrates cloud or on-premises hosting.

The only truly Open Source ERP that is free and open

Do you want to modify the ERP at your company? Do you have internal resources capable of making these changes? With Axelor, you have total freedom of action, whether you use our services or not. Axelor’s code is open and accessible to all and benefits from a loyal community. Develop a new application, create a business process or application, or simply interface the ERP with another software. Choosing an Open Source instead of a proprietary version means deciding to no longer be bound to the publisher.
It will also be easier to find an integrator or an expert with knowledge of the technologies on which Open Source ERP are based.


Modular Open Source ERP for all needs

Axelor has been entirely designed to adapt to all companies for all sectors. Thanks to its innovative architecture, you can easily and quickly upgrade it without a line of code. Adopting Axelor means giving you an important competitive advantage. Get ahead of the competition and anticipate changes in your market!
Axelor offers you more than twenty business applications that can be fully configured without a line of code to best meet your expectations on the standard version. And if you want to go further, you can also change their source code or create new ones from scratch.

An ERP solution that will last over time

The implementation of an ERP is a long-term project. To ensure the longevity of your application for at least 10 years, you must ensure that it can evolve with your business. Updating, adding new features, even the simplest evolutions can be complicated with proprietary versions. Thanks to its Open Source technology, Axelor guarantees this scalability while eliminating the risks associated with a publisher’s dependence. With an Open Source management software, you have the source codes and thus keep control of the life cycle of your ERP.
Unlike Axelor, competitors’ softwares no longer gives you access to the solution if you decide not to renew your contract with your provider and even less to modify it. Our commercial version simply provides you with an efficient customer service but will never block you if you decide to stop working with us.

Control your costs

Our ERP’s architecture is based on reference Open Source technologies, sustainable over time, and benefiting from active communities.

Even if recommended, Open Source ERP version changes are not mandatory. You are the only one to decide if you wish to change versions, with lower costs compared to a proprietary solution.

Free community version

With an open source ERP solution you have the possibility to use the software free of charge thanks to the community version.
The features are exactly the same as for the Enterprise version.

The software is completely free. However, we deliver optional service which are charged: enterprise version, integration, maintenance, training, custom developments.


What is an Open Source software?

A software is said to be Open Source when its source code can be freely accessed, modified, studied and transferred.
The name was created by the Open Source Initiative, which defines the conditions an Open Source license must meet.
Axelor’s business software run under a GNU GPL license, which allows distribution and modification, provided that the license is the same.

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