Time sheet software – for enhanced human resources

Automate data entry and value your employees’ working time

Automate data entry and save your employees time

Simplify time entries for your employees and benefit from accelerated recording by pre-filling time sheets from tasks:


  • Create recurrent time sheets for a whole period of time in a few clicks.


  • Set up your periods in a few minutes for each employee.


  • Assign a project or task to a collaborator and automatically generate all the timesheet lines.

Monitor in real time the time spent by your employees

Visualize in an instant the progress of the time sheet validation process. In addition, the application allows you to monitor statistically the times recorded by your users.

Integrate time management into your business processes

Control the progress of your business and invoice for time spent


  • Track in real time the time spent on your cases, projects and tasks.


  • Automatically calculate the costs generated by your projects to analyze their profitability.


  • Invoice your time sheets as part of your business. The system automatically retrieves all timesheets to be invoiced.

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With Axelor, you can also manage all your sales processes

and coordinate them with your Human Resources processes to achieve operational perfection.

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