Streamline Your Supplier Orders

Automate your procurement process

Minimum stock policies
When the stock falls below the minimum, the amount to order is automatically generated according to the selected replenishment method

Requirements calculation
The system takes into account the current stock status, current orders, and available forecasts to automatically generate purchase proposals

Delivery note
Once your supplier orders have been confirmed, you can choose to automatically generate the delivery note associated with each order

Generate your quotation requests

Let competition get you the best prices

Use the application to send your price inquiries to multiple suppliers, who log on to a dedicated portal to answer them. You can also easily compare and choose the most competitive bid and immediately turn it into a firm order.

supplier and product data

Product availability
Use the application to access data from your suppliers’ catalogs, check product stock availability, and current prices.

Custom price lists
Import your suppliers’ price lists to activate recurring or one-time discounts on certain products, according to the negotiated terms.

Supplier agreements
Manage all your supplier agreements using Axelor and receive notifications before a contract expires or is up for renewal.

Follow precisely the progress of your orders

Quickly visualize the status of your orders
Thanks to visual indicators, the steps of validation of an order as well as the status of delivery and the invoicing status are immediately visible.

Schedule your supplier arrivals
You can automatically generate receipts and invoices from purchase orders.

Detailed tracking line by line
You also have accurate tracking of invoicing and deliveries, order line per order line.

Supplier Portal

Make available to your suppliers a portal allowing them to respond directly to your purchase requests and your calls for bids.

Integrated reporting

Consult the many dashboards of the application to precisely track your buying activity : orders in progress, volume of purchase by product, by product family, total quantities purchased … etc.

International purchases

The application is multi-currency and currency conversion is managed automatically.