Purchasing Management Software

Simplify, track, streamline your purchases with Axelor’s purchasing management software for optimal stock supply

Automate your purchasing processes

Minimum stock rules

Set a minimum and optimal stock quantity. Axelor alerts you when your stock reaches this limit and offers to buy a recommended quantity according to the selected replenishment method.

Requirements calculation

Axelor’s purchasing application takes into account the current stock situation, current orders and forecasts in order to automatically generate purchase proposals.

Supplier quality monitoring

With Axelor, you control the entire purchasing chain, from order to receipt. Automatically generate the receipt slips associated with each order. Guarantee your customers flawless traceability and impeccable product quality for maximum customer satisfaction.


Manage your quotation requests

Use competition to get the best prices

Axelor facilitates your requests for quotes by offering them to suppliers connected to its portal.

They will be able to answer from the supplier portal  to give you a clear vision of the most competitive offer.

All you have to do is select the best one and immediately transform it into a definite order.

Centralisez les informations fournisseurs et produits

Product availability

Access supplier catalogue information from the purchasing module, check the availability of products in stock and their current prices.

Customized price lists

Import your suppliers’ price lists to activate systematic or one-time discounts on certain products according to negotiated conditions.

Supplier contracts

Manage all your supplier contracts from Axelor and be alerted before a contract ends or is renewed.

International Purchasing

The application is multi-currency and currency conversion is managed automatically.

Accurately follow the progress of your orders

Quickly view the status of your orders

Validation steps, delivery status, invoicing status, Axelor offers you clear visual indicators for more readable information.

Schedule your receptions

Automatically generate receipt slips and invoices from purchase orders.

Suivi détaillé ligne par ligne

Suivez avec une précision inégalée toutes vos factures et livraison, ligne de commande par ligne de commande.

icone ventes

Discover the sales application

With Axelor, you can also manage all your sales processes

and coordinate them with your Human Resources processes to achieve operational perfection.

icone crm

Discover the CRM application

With Axelor, you can also manage your entire business relationship

for better monitoring and improving the performance of your sales teams.


Discover the BPM application

With Axelor, you can also create your own business application

to adapt Axelor to your business in an even more advanced way.

Supplier consultation

Provide your suppliers with a portal that allows them to respond directly to your purchase requests and calls for tenders.

Integrated reporting

Consult Axelor’s numerous dashboards to precisely track your purchasing activity: current orders, purchase volume by product, by product family, total quantities purchased, etc.