Optimize your Production with Axelor

Produce better and improve your margins on each sale

Simplify your nomenclatures, increase your accuracy

Enjoy an unlimited tree structure for your nomenclatures and define nomenclatures by product model.

In addition, you have a customization wizard for custom products.

Automate the relay between your machines and avoid production interruptions

Set up load items for each phase of your routings, as well as replacement load items: no longer risk interrupting your production.

And for even more simplicity, access a graphical view of the load evolution per machine, per hour or per day, with a single click.

Axelor: the management software to automatically forecast your needs

Calculate your needs by product, category or product family, by sales forecast or fixed sale: the calculator generates the necessary proposals to meet your needs, prioritized and grouped. If you decide, convert them automatically into a purchase order or production order, on a case-by-case or mass basis.


Optimize your production planning

Streamline your production planning by accessing a calendar of planned operations per machine. Analyze the load per machine and optimize the distribution simply. Improve your production forecasts (elimination of overlaps, forecasting of chain gaps, etc.) thanks to the historical calendar of operations performed.

For even greater flexibility, the production module of the Axelor management software manages both finite and infinite capacity. Not to mention the possibility of modifying the planning of operations directly from the calendar.

Un contrôle total de votre production

  • Gérez vos ordres de fabrication de manière arborescente grâce à un regroupement en ordre de production.


  • Emettez vos ordres plus rapidement grâce au pré-remplissage de l’assistant à partir de la nomenclature du produit.


  • Visualisez en un clin d’oeil les différentes phases grâce au tableau de description imagées.


  • Gérez en direct vos ordres de fabrication grâce au module de production d’Axelor (mise en pause, annulation…)

View your production costs very accurately

The Axelor management software calculates for you the cost price for each nomenclature level, through the edition of cost sheets,

And gives you access to tables of components and products whose consumption is planned and then realized.

Your consumption is taken into account in every detail with the management of waste and residual raw materials.

Manage your stocks directly from the production application

Component reservation and future stock planning are carried out at production order planning, and the use of components and stock movements corresponding to finished products and scrap are carried out at production order execution.

The management of tracking numbers is possible as early as the production stage, and is managed manually or automatically.

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Discover the sales application

With Axelor, you can also manage all your sales processes

and coordinate them with your Human Resources processes to achieve operational perfection.

icone crm

Discover the CRM application

With Axelor, you can also manage your entire business relationship

for better monitoring and improving the performance of your sales teams.

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Discover the purchase application

With Axelor, you can also coordinate your purchase with your HR

to ensure the fluidity of your business.