Effectively manage your marketing campaigns

Segmentation, nurturing, loyalty, notoriety, Axelor reduces your efforts and maximizes your impact. Let yourself be carried away by the intelligence and power of Axelor’s open source ERP.

Manage your marketing campaigns

Set up marketing campaigns by drawing directly from your database of customers, prospects and leads.

Programme your campaigns, plan your associated events and follow the evolution of your marketing actions.

Immediately view a prospect’s marketing source and the effectiveness of your campaigns.

This way you can keep a history of all your campaigns. From the customer and prospect files, you have access to the list of all the marketing campaigns in which they have participated.

Segment your targets precisely

Take advantage of powerful filters that will search the most relevant data from your customer and prospect database to accurately target your audience.

You can segment your prospecting base and your customer database wisely, by choosing your targets according to many criteria : sector of activity, turnover, geographical location, function … etc.

Generate personalized e-mailing campaigns


Custom Templates

Create your email templates directly from the app, or import your existing ones.

Accurate Targeting

Define the target of your emailings among your database by creating lists of recipients according to the criteria you want thanks to the numerous filters at your disposal.


Mass mailing

Send your mass emailings directly from the app, to all of your targets.

Emailing Statistics

You can track the statistics of your emaiingl campaigns with trackers inserted into the campaigns.