Modernised human resources management with Axelor

Centralize all HR information for better management of your employees.

Employee records

Quickly create new employee records with each recruitment and update them as soon as a change is required. Easily access all the information you need to manage your employees :

Thanks to the integrated document management, archive all your HR documents in the application. You can add new documents to each employee record with a simple drag and drop.

Employment contracts

Create employment contract templates that will save you time with each new recruitment.

Quickly add amendments and keep an archive of each employment contract.

Management of bonuses and meal vouchers

Meal vouchers
Automatically calculate the number of meal vouchers to reorder over a defined period of time based on needs and current stock.
The software also automatically calculates the number of meal tickets to be distributed to each employee, taking into account the number of days worked, absences and holidays, etc., and integrates the results into payroll preparation.

Bonus management
The Axelor HR software manages different types of bonuses. Define the application conditions and calculation formulas: the bonuses will be automatically taken into account when preparing the payroll.

Payroll preparation

Export a payroll preparation table to your certified payroll software. All elements that are included in an employee’s payroll are automatically pre-calculated and generated, saving valuable time.