Manage expense reports to improve your profitability

Automate the recording of your expense reports and validation processes for more fluidity.

Tools to automate data recording

All types of expenses can be easily configured natively and then entered by your users quickly.

The data input is specific and automated for calculating mileage costs.

A flawless accounting system

Axelor allows you to differentiate between expenses paid directly by the company and those advanced by your employees, but also to integrate supporting documents and expense accounting entries.

Complete monitoring,
from input to invoicing

Axelor gives you the ability to automatically categorize expense reports. Catering, transport, representation, specific equipment rental costs, you can see at a glance the cost items and optimize them.

The management software offers you the accounting accounts already configured to be correctly posted to your accounting. All you have to do is select from the options presented and confirm. With Axelor, expense claim management is faster, more reliable and easier.

dedicated mobile application

Your employees can directly enter their travel expense reports. The proof of expenses are transmitted in one click with the photo taken from a mobile.