The free and integrated solution for powerful and simple EDM

All your documents at the click of a button. Simply store, file, secure, manage with Axelor’s EDM.

Simple and efficient document handling

Axelor’s management software has a fully integrated Electronic Document Management (EDM) system. Load your documents into the application of your choice with a simple “drag and drop” feature or download all application documents to your computer instantly, one by one or in bulk.

Generate your documents directly from the application

Create your documents or export your data in Excel directly from the application of your choice (HR, sales, stocks, CRM…). Text processors and simple spreadsheets are integrated into the application. And to follow the work done as closely as possible, you have a creation and modification history for each document.

A custom tree

The Axelor EDM tree is twofold. You have the possibility to attached the documents to the records of the application (quotation, order, …), and you can create in parallel your own folder tree in the application.

Respected privacy

Each user can decide for his documents permissions of other users. You can decided who is allowed to read, edit, delete documents in just a few clicks.

Your documents accessible at any time

You can flag a document that need to be accessible offline from the mobile application. With a simple synchronization, all the necessary documents for your users are at hand.

Find your documents when you need them

Axelor allows you to easily find all your documents with document categorization and advanced search features. In addition, you have the ability to affix custom tags on your documents.

Increased transparency

  • Protect your documents
  • Find them faster
  • Minimize the risk of loss

You are responsible for the preservation of your archives and supporting documents as well as your data. Their security is therefore an important issue, as well as the verification of their accuracy. Grouping them in a single place, being able to prioritize them, allowing employees to access them while managing access rights, these are the main features of a DMS system.

Access security and confidentiality respected

The GDPR is a major issue for all companies. Protecting data is therefore a very sensitive subject. By issuing specific access rights for each type of user, Axelor allows you to optimize collaboration between your employees while reducing the risk of leaks.

Flexible and intuitive

The standard Electronic Document Management (EDM) application can be used without coding, customization or special installation in most cases. Simply configure your document types and access rights using the configuration options already available in the application.

If your needs are specific, you can also customize the module to the extreme, either by using the BPM or by developing what you need.