Achieve a lot for your clients with very simple tools

Increase your client pipeline

Thanks to our CRM solution, each of the contacts made by your users can result in the creation of a lead directory with just a few clicks, improving the organization of your client pipeline.


Improve the quality of your prospect flow

From these leads it is up to you to make duly listed and identified opportunities, feeding a much higher quality prospect flow.

Centralize your data

Centralize all customer data, all information for your employees on the events taking place between your company and its clients, and automate all tasks you consider essential for a good professional relationship…


Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Multiplying contacts does not have an impact on their quality, on the contrary : automating tasks that you consider essential for a good professional relationship allows you to strengthen your relations with each of your clients, and improve customer loyalty.

Increase your turnover

You will soon realize the benefits of Axelor CRM solution. Your company signing more contracts will be the most revealing sign.