Make your business project profitable

Benefit from the power of Axelor and its ecosystem to manage your projects in business mode

Optimize your business management

Anticipate and control

Plan your resources to avoid delays and respond to demand as effectively as possible. Optimal flexibility will often make the difference between success and failure. Control all your projects as closely as possible with day-to-day management thanks to :

  • The creation and updating of schedules
  • A customization of your dashboards
  • Alerts that can be configured by project and user

Once your tools have been configured and your resources allocated, Axelor will automatically calculate the progress of the project and alert you in case of delays. Similarly, you can see at a glance if you are ahead of schedule and improve customer satisfaction.

Plan tasks

Quickly create new tasks, unlimited trees, indicate the priority level and assign them to your teams according to their availability. You can also optimize the breakdown according to the skills of each of your employees thanks to the information provided in the HR application.

Adapt your management easily to meet all situations. Do you already use a project management method? Axelor can be incorporated into it.

Why Axelor

The on-demand management application is intended for companies managing projects as well as businesses and having very specific needs. Axelor not only allows you to set up the system according to your needs, but also to go even further with Axelor Platform.

Allocate resources efficiently

Ventilate your financial efforts to optimize your resources. Purchases of supplies, allocation of additional staff, recruitment plan or staff reduction, you will be able to easily visualize your needs and provide your answer. Plan, control and optimize the management of your business while reducing the effort invested.

Follow very closely the progress of all your business

The on-demand management software allows you to monitor the progress of your business task by task, as well as its progress thanks to the automatic calculation of its advance or delay.

Access a precise follow-up of the actions to be carried out by user from the schedules and timelines of your business. Be automatically alerted as soon as a task is completed or delayed.

Thanks to time sheet management, you can monitor in real time the time spent on your business, and automatically calculate the costs generated by your projects to analyze their profitability.

View your business planning in a few clicks

The planning of your business, tasks and resources, managed directly from the application, is made easier by the Gantt views natively available to you for optimal visualization of your milestones.

Improve your performance with agile methods and Kanban views.

Easily invoice your business and calculate profitability

Automated invoicing

Turn your projects into business with a single click, and choose fixed-price or time-based invoicing: the invoicing of your business and all the elements associated with it is fully automated.

Real-time profitability monitoring

You can view on each of your cases the expenses incurred, the costs and time spent and to come, and compare with the costs and time planned. This gives you a complete overview of the profitability of your business and the margins achieved.