Axelor: open source ERP to control your budget

A controlled budget thanks to a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tool

Easily prepare all your budgets

Elaborate and monitor all your budgets within the budget management software.

You benefit from a better visibility on your cash flow and purchases, facilitating decision-making thanks to relevant and detailed information, updated in real time.

Monitor the evolution of your budgets

Enter your budgets only once and save time. Axelor will automatically update them to allow you to see their evolution without risk of forgetting, over the period defined in advance.

View on each budget the amounts planned, committed and actually achieved to improve the management of your activity.

Link your budgets to purchasing

Spread your purchases precisely over your different budgets. You can not only distribute the entire purchase order over a budget, but also distribute each order line over different budgets.

Automatically generate periods for your budget, with an expected amount per period thanks to the period creation wizard.


Customized price lists

Import your suppliers’ price lists to activate systematic or one-time discounts on certain products according to negotiated conditions.


Supplier contracts

Manage all your supplier contracts from Axelor and be alerted before a contract ends or is renewed.

icone ventes

Discover the sales application

With Axelor, you can also manage all your sales processes

and coordinate them with your Human Resources processes to achieve operational perfection.

icone crm

Discover the CRM application

With Axelor, you can also manage your entire business relationship

for better monitoring and improving the performance of your sales teams.


Discover the BPM application

With Axelor, you can also create your own business application

to adapt Axelor to your business in an even more advanced way.