Axelor is suitable for retail as well as larger distribution activities. This solution allows you to manage all business processes in an integrated way.

Creates varied offerings and tailored rates, in just a few clicks, using simple settings.

Manages high volumes and generates high traffic.


Deals with all special cases thanks to an agile engine, making you competitive on a fastly deregulating market.

Billing for all special cases

The solution enables billing for subscriptions as well as billing for consumption : flows of electricity, gas or water, and of course, billing for daily supply. Axelor has a multi-fluid capacity for electricity, gas, water, and even cable…

A fully modular and configurable engine to create custom offerings

To help you deal with new and changing regulations in the energy sector, the engine is fully modular and configurable.
You can manage complex rates, whether regulated or freely defined, through a few simple settings.

Handles 100% of the customer relationship cycle

Capture prospects’ interest, create customer sheets, manage their requests, issue invoices, choose to bill monthly according to set rules and history, customize discounts and rebates. The system can manage the general public as well as companies (small or large), and can handle any commercial segmentation, all segments combined.

Get a fully integrated accounting system

Axelor can manage an analytic accounting system, and all associated accounting entries. The tool includes all taxes applicable to energy and water, and all types of VAT. As Axelor is modular and really easy to configure, you can manage complex cases and define the contexts to which the VAT rates will apply.

Integrated dispute and debt recovery management system

The debt recovery system is fully customizable. Configure all levels of reminders, and deal with special cases.

The system can also manage disputes, reassessments and compulsory liquidations. Besides, you can stagger payments.

Includes an online agency

Customers can log in to consult their contracts, change their information and pay online.
The agency has a multi-site capacity, and you can limit the access of collaborators to the information you wish them to have.