Save time and simplify your administrative management.


Axelor, the Open Source ERP adapted to the problems of training centres, schools and universities. The application supports you and centralizes all the procedures for monitoring your students and participants from selection to certification or diploma. The software also integrates the decentralized mode if you have several training

A solution adapted to :

Professional Training Centers
Educational institutions


Training centers

Automate all your training management processes !

Customer relationship management

The application edits business proposals for your customers, invoices and training reports. Also manage the financing of training courses.

Plan your training courses

Schedule the invitations to your participants, optimize your schedules according to your human and material resources. The software generates attendance sheets and certificates automatically.


Administrative monitoringif

Deliver certifications to your participants and have your training sessions evaluated by all stakeholders to set up continuous improvement processes.

Schools and universitiess


Manage the entire life cycle of your students !

Organize the recruitment of your students

Thanks to the application, create your candidates’ files, organize your selection interviews, schedule your invitations to attend.

Resources optimisation

Create your schedules according to your teachers and the rooms available in an automated way. The software allows you to avoid the difficulties that manual planning can generate.

A follow-up throughout the training

With Axelor, the Open Source ERP, edit the evaluation sheets for each course, enter absences, create report cards for the different periods and track all your students until graduation.