Optimize the management of your e-commerce platform

Connect your ERP to your e-commerce site

Axelor connects with the Prestashop Open Source e-commerce solution. Connectors are also possible with other solutions on the market: Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce … etc.

Synchronize the status of your stocks and your product sheets between your e-commerce site and the retail ERP : labels, product descriptions, price, code … etc.

Automatically recover orders placed on the website, with details of each order line and customer information.

Follow the deliveries.

Automatically generate invoices.

Advanced stocks management

Access real-time stock management and drive the supply of your e-commerce platform. You can view at any time the availability of all your products in stores and warehouses, and manage stock transfers between points of sale.
In addition, set up your minimum stock rules or use the need calculator to never be out of stock.

Optimize the management of your purchases

Axelor integrates the management of your purchases, and allows you, through its supplier portal, to put your suppliers in competition and easily analyze the proposals they make to you in order to make the most suitable choice.
You can accurately track the progress of your purchase orders and centralize all your product and supplier information.

Manage your sales

Organize your product database, update prices and product descriptions quickly, and manage your sales periods. All information is synchronized between your e-commerce site and your ERP.
In addition, the ERP integrated a product sales configurator and allow your customers to directly customize products from the website, with prices and delivery conditions adapting in real time.

Automate your invoicing

Automatically generate invoices for each sale on your e-commerce site and create the corresponding payments. You can generate your invoices in pdf or send them directly to your customers by email.

Customer relationship management

CRM integrated with ERP e-commerce covers the entire lifecycle of customer relationship management. Centralize your customer data and manage your business relationship in one tool.