Axelor is suitable for retail as well as larger distribution activities. This solution allows you to manage all business processes in an integrated way.

Purchase at the best possible price

Axelor integrates purchase management and allows you, thanks to its supplier portal, to enhance competition between suppliers and easily analyze their proposals to make the best possible choice. In addition, you can group orders to lower delivery charges.

Monitor your projects’ progress

The project management module allows you to track the progress of your projets, task by task, by automatically calculating whether they are ahead of or off schedule. Access weekly schedules, and assign each day a specific task.

Stocks that no longer suffer from stock-out

With Axelor, access an accurate custom tree and multi-warehouse inventory : backorder management, management of expiration and warranty dates, and of tracking numbers… In addition, you can set up minimum stock rules, and use our calculator to never be out of stock.

Boost your turnover

Generate invoices, automatically or manually as desired, at any stage of your business processes, and create the corresponding payments. Axelor also allows you to invoice delivery orders in bulk. Finally, it offers advanced recovery management, to send reminders to customers or customer types.