Discover the new version of Axelor

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Axelor announces the launch of the latest major release V5 of its open source ERP after more than two years of development.

The solution is enhanced with many new features and business applications to best meet the various issues of SMEs, and benefits from several functional and technical improvements.

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Axelor is now composed of more than twenty business applications covering the main needs of a company and version 5 brings a dozen new applications.

The solution is completely modular, each application can be installed separately and used independently.

  • Job costing
  • Contracts
  • Quality
  • Fleet management
  • Recruitment
  • Trainings
  • Appraisals
  • Teamwork
  • Helpdesk…
  • as well as connectors to several external applications : BI, e-commerce, cash register system, payroll software, banking interfaces…etc.

[bb_sm bbsm_scene=”slide-up” bb_sm_mode=”yes”]App Builder: much more powerful, ergonomic and easy to use

Integrated to the ERP and consisting of a studio and a BPM, the App builder has been completely reworked for the launch of version 5 to gain efficiency with powerful new features. Easy to use for non-technical profiles, it allows to quickly make evolve, in real time and without any code software applications and processes according to the business needs, to gain flexibility and reactivity.

[bb_sm bbsm_scene=”slide-up” bb_sm_mode=”yes”]iOS and Android mobile apps[/bb_sm]

Axelor is available in both cloud and on-premise.
New CRM, Sales, Project and HR specific mobile applications have been developed for this version 5, allowing access to its data on the move, even without an internet connection.

[bb_sm bbsm_scene=”slide-up” bb_sm_mode=”yes”]Technical optimizations on Axelor Platform[/bb_sm]

The solution is now multi database and multi-tenant.
Speed has been increased with improved page loading, and the processing of large volumes has been further optimized.
You can develop with your favorite language, Axelor now supports Java, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy and Javascript (Node Js). Other languages are being integrated: Python, C / C ++, Php…

The ERP has been technically adapted to meet the requirements of the European RGPD regulation.

[bb_sm bbsm_scene=”slide-up” bb_sm_mode=”yes”]Ergonomics ever more optimized[/bb_sm]

Ergonomics and ease of use have also been improved for this new version. These aspects remain a priority for Axelor in order to offer users an optimal experience of browsing and use.

The design of the new version is more modern, important information is better highlighted and user-friendliness has been optimized.

[bb_sm bbsm_scene=”slide-up” bb_sm_mode=”yes”]An efficient open source ERP[/bb_sm]

Based on the best open source technologies and standards, the new V5 version of Axelor’s ERP is open source and 100% free. The community version has all the features and can be downloaded from our website.