Simple, flexible and scalable

Discover a new experience in customer relationship management

The CRM integrated with Axelor ERP covers the entire lifecycle of customer relationship management. Attract more prospects, track your opportunities, centralize your data and manage your business relationship in one tool.

Intuitive and easy to use

Cloud and mobile thanks to its dedicated app

Flexible to fit all your processes


Complete to manage the entire customer relationship

The simple and scalable CRM that covers the entire lifecycle of CRM.

Increase your sales and build customer loyalty

Manage your marketing campaigns

Plan all your marketing actions across multiple channels in a single app.

Optimize your prospection

Record all the information about your prospects in the CRM and keep track of each interaction. You can prioritize your leads according to their maturity to make your sales succeed faster.

Create events

From prospect and customer records, you can easily schedule your events, appointments, calls and tasks. They are automatically added to your calendar and you can directly invite your contacts from the CRM.

Follow your opportunities

From the initial contact to sales, create opportunities and follow their evolution step by step. Once won, you can transform an opportunity directly into a quotation, in one click.

Centralize your data

Find all your customer data in a single application and strengthen your customer engagement through a better knowledge of their needs.

Manage your marketing campaigns

Define your target by applying several criteria on your database of customers, prospects and leads, generate personalized emailings and send them directly from the CRM.
Track the effects of your campaigns with integrated trackers.
Manage the business objectives of your teams through precise and varied dashboards generated automatically by the CRM.

CRM with unmatched flexibility

With Axelor BPM, scale your CRM to your business needs without any code. Customize your views, add fields, and create your processes graphically without custom developments.

Access your CRM when you are away

Thanks to the dedicated application, your data are accessible on smartphone and tablet.

Discover the specificities of Open Source CRM, and the best reasons to choose a free and open software

A free and open CRM

An Open Source customer relationship management solution’s code is accessible to all. A company with adequate internal resources is able to take control over the software to develop a new module, create a process or a business application, or simply interface with another software.

An agile business solution to fit your needs

Being able to stand out from the competition, and to own an easily and rapidly adjustable CRM is a competitive advantage on fastly evolving markets. Axelor’s Open Source CRM is fully configurable, adjusting to meet your needs as fast as possible, while avoiding long and costly developments.

A long-term CRM solution

With an Open Source business software, you have access to source codes and thus remain in control of your CRM solution’s lifecycle. Our CRM architecture is based on reference Open Source technologies, sustainable over time, and benefiting from active communities.

Competitive pricing

With an open source CRM solution, the recurrent costs are lower than for traditional management software. Thanks to your access to source codes, you can modify your applications internally without having to pay for specific developments. What is a CRM ?