Discover a new experience of the customer relationship management

The integrated CRM that covers the whole cycle of customer relationship management

Mobile and Cloud

With its modern architecture, the CRM is perfectly suited for the Cloud, and entirely responsive.
Users can access all their data, even when travelling.

Flexible and responsive

Avoid long and costly custom developments : your CRM instantly adjusts to your company’s growth and other evolutions of your business.

Open Source

Greater freedom in the use and evolution of your CRM solution for SMEs.
100% free, there is absolutely no license fee.

Simple, flexible and scalable CRM

Attract more prospects

  • Plan all marketing actions, across multiple channels, from one single app.
  • Create and send customized emails straight from the CRM.
  • Instantly monitor the results of your marketing campaigns, and prioritize prospects according to their potential.

Raise your sales

  • Efficiently manage contacts and follow your leads, from the initial contact to the sale.
  • Directly create estimates from your opportunities.
  • Monitor your teams’ commercial goals using diverse and accurate dashboards automatically generated by the CRM.

Retain your customers

  • Centralize all customer data within the CRM.
  • Automate all essential tasks to maintain a proper professional relationship.
  • Make relationships with your customer more personal by improving your knowledge of their needs.

Manage your marketing campaigns

  • Draw on your database of customers, prospects and leads, to generate customized emailings and send them directly from the application.
  • Monitor the effects of your emailing campaigns through inserted trackers.
  • There’s no need for a routing provider anymore.

Discover the specificities of Open Source CRM, and the best reasons to choose a free and open software.

A free and open CRM

An Open Source customer relationship management solution’s code is accessible to all. A company with adequate internal resources is able to take control over the software to develop a new module, create a process or a business application, or simply interface with another software. A proprietary CRM software, with limited access and closed technologies, does not allow this possibility.
It will also be easier to find an integrator or an expert with knowledge of the technologies on which Open Source CRM are based.

CRM Open Source
CRM Open Source

An agile business solution to fit your needs

Being able to stand out from the competition, and to own an easily and rapidly adjustable CRM is a competitive advantage on fastly evolving markets.
Axelor’s Open Source CRM is fully configurable, adjusting to meet your needs as fast as possible, while avoiding long and costly developments.

A long-term CRM solution

With an Open Source business software, you have access to source codes and thus remain in control of your CRM solution’s lifecycle.

Our CRM’s architecture is based on reference Open Source technologies, sustainable over time, and benefiting from active communities.

Even if recommended, Open Source CRM version changes are not mandatory. You are the only one to decide if you wish to change versions, with lower costs compared to a proprietary solution.

CRM Open Source
CRM Open Source

Save the license cost

With an Open Source CRM, and unlike proprietary softwares, there is no license cost, and the number of users is unlimited. Savings are thus significant.

The CRM software is free, yet optional services are subject to charge: integration, maintenance, training, additional developments.

What is an Open Source software ?

A software is said to be Open Source when its source code can be freely accessed, modified, studied and transferred.
The name was created by the Open Source Initiative, which defines the conditions an Open Source license must meet.
Axelor’s business software run under a GNU GPL license, which allows distribution and modification, provided that the license is the same.

CRM Open Source