CRM open source software

Boost your sales with Axelor CRM without effort. Follow your prospects and customers at every step to best meet their needs and give your sales representatives all the tools they need to increase their efficiency.

Optimize your sales prospecting, sell better and faster.

Axelor CRM will adapt perfectly to your needs thanks to its high flexibility.

Customize your views, add fields, and create your processes graphically without specific developments.

Give your sales representatives the tools to be efficient!

Trigger the order process more easily.

From the first contact to the signature of the quotation, Axelor CRM allows you to follow all the interactions taken with the future customer.

And Axelor CRM does not stop there. Its collaborative component also allows your sales and marketing teams to share information to streamline your sales effort.

Axelor CRM: a sustainable tool.

With an Open Source management software, you have the source codes and thus keep control of the life cycle of your CRM solution.

The architecture of our CRM is based on reference Open Source technologies, sustainable over time and which have very active communities.

Increase your lead pipeline.

A mature prospect is a prospect that has shown an interest in your business, interest created thanks to your targeted and relevant approach.

Nurturing, qualification, commercial discourse, detect more easily the interests of your prospects and make life easier for your sales representatives by giving them more qualified opportunities.

Cloud and mobile.

Donnez des ailes à vos commerciaux. Etant régulièrement en déplacement, vos commerciaux ont besoin d’accéder à l’information en toutes circonstances.

Give wings to your sales representatives. Being regularly on the move, your sales representatives need access to information in all circumstances.

Axelor CRM can also evolve with you. Integrated with Axelor ERP, it will require no effort on your part if you want to deploy Axelor ERP to manage your business.

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Discover the sales application

With Axelor, you can also manage all your sales processes

and coordinate them with your Human Resources processes to achieve operational perfection.


Discover the BPM application

With Axelor, you can also create your own business application

to adapt Axelor to your business in an even more advanced way.

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Discover the purchase application

With Axelor, you can also coordinate your purchase with your HR

to ensure the fluidity of your business.