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Axelor Business Suite 4.0.0

The ZIP file below includes all necessary components to launch the application.

The properties file « /WEB-INF/classes/ » allow to configure access to the database.

Download the installation guide


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Or download our auto installer :

If you’d simply like to test the solution, you can directly access our demonstration, or find our sources on Github
The ID for connecting to the application is admin and the password is admin (or axadmin).

Technical Platform 4.0.0

The files below allow the installation of our platform on your computer.

  1. Download our platform
  2. Add the environmental variable AXELOR_HOME: AXELOR_HOME=/path/to/axelor-adk
  3. Add the environmental variable AXELOR_HOME at your PATH: PATH=$AXELOR_HOME/bin:$PATH
  4. Try the command axelor –help

See all our versions

If you’d like to find all versions of the solution, you can directly access our releases, or find our sources on Github

Sources Codes

Find our sources on Github :

Axelor Business Suite

Technical Platform

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Technical Documentation

Find all technical documentation at the following link : Documentation Platform