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 Axelor Open Suite, ERP Cloud

Get restful mind with a fully cloud offer

Axelor Open Suite combines the advantages of the cloud and Open Source: at any time, you can not only recover your data, but also the application and become free to use it, without any royalties.

Accelerate your digital transformation with Axelor Open Suite, the Cloud ERP

Quality security and maintenance service.

Fast and economical implementation.

Less resources mobilized.

Lower initial investments

Limit initial investments with the ERP Cloud. You will not need to acquire new servers or desktops, it is up to the publisher or integrator to take care of everything.

A SaaS ERP allows you to smooth costs over time and gives you a more accurate view of your long-term budget.

Frequent and automatic updates

A Cloud ERP will benefit from regular and automatic technical and security updates because they do not require installation within the company.

Axelor Open Suite applications are hosted on servers in France to ensure maximum reliability and security.

A mobile management software

A Cloud ERP is accessible from any device with a web browser, unlike a solution installed on a desktop. Thanks to its modern architecture, Axelor’s ERP is particularly suitable for the Cloud and is completely responsive.

Dedicated mobile applications

Access all your data on the go with dedicated mobile applications, and enjoy a disconnected mode when you don’t have access to the Internet. Your data will be synchronized the next time you are connected online.