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Axelor Platform 

The Open Source Low Code Platform

A solution as unique as your processes

Create your own applications, optimize all your business processes, all without line of code and drag and drop. In a few days, do a job lasting several months! With Axelor, creating new and personalized experiences has never been easier.

Go further in automation, with complete freedom

The iBPMS that responds immediatly

Axelor Platform is the only iBMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suites) platform that generates a complete and user-friendly application, based on a simple functional description of needs.

Axelor Platform combines power with simplicity  

You no longer need to code and define the relationships between your data models. Thanks to its architecture, the links are natural. Axelor Platform makes your data smart. Save time to focus on the essentials and be more productive.

Designed for the Cloud

The BPM platform is entirely designed for the cloud with a service-oriented architecture (100% Restful).

Create SaaS applications in record time and deploy your solutions quickly in the cloud. This allows you to respond quickly to the constant changes of your customers and users.

An Open Source BPM that integrates perfectly into the heart of the ecosystem

All modules are fully customizable. Axelor ERP is fully adapted to your business. Set your applications to the maximum, they automatically adapt to the environment to work smoothly. The software evolves as your processes evolve.

An ergonomic and agile platform

Create your applications in a few clicks thanks to a simple, intuitive and graphical configuration screen. Model your business processes quickly and easily and go even further in their automation. With Axelor Platform, you get the best of both worlds : give more power to the platform by integrating your code if you wish.

The RAD method redesigned with Axelor Platform


Backed by the studio, by dragging and dropping the BPM automatically generates the user interface. Thanks to the web application, there is no need to compile to debug your processes. Finally, program in real time!