Axelor BPM : lowcode automation

With Axelor BPM, model your processes without a line of code in minutes. Customize the Axelor ERP quickly and easily or create your own industry-specific business applications.

Axelor BPM: the power of open source finally at hand

Go even further in flexibility

Our open source solution opens its doors to you to allow you to modify its code if your needs go even further.

Do you have the resources in-house? Give the power to your developer so they can greatly optimize your business applications and your workflows.

We provide all our documentation to help your developer teams to the maximum. Take control and no longer let yourself be locked into a solution where you may find yourself stuck for the slightest change.

Don’t give up power for simplicity anymor

Let Axelor guide you to create your applications

No need to code actions or define relationships, Axelor BPM takes care of everything with its intelligent and predictive model.

Focus all your attention on modeling to optimize your processes and go even further in their automation.

Save time and speed up your business !

Axelor BPM : the only stand-alone BPM integrated into an ERP

Don’t waste any more time trying to get your systems to communicate

Axelor BPM is the most successful solution for process modeling at the heart of an ERP because it is directly integrated into the global ERP ecosystem.

Create your application, set it up as much as you can, and let the magic work. All other applications will interlock to work seamlessly, meeting all your specifications, from decisional relationships to the chain of actions.

Minimize the risk of errors and reduce maintenance costs to a minimum.