A verticalized version of Axelor that specifically meets the needs of associations. From management of members to management of donations, discover the custom features of Axelor.

Tailored Features

Axelor allows you to manage members and their dues, board members and employees. In addition, it is possible to generate membership cards and newsletters directly from the application. Moreover, you can manage donations and radiations, as well as subscriptions to the services you offer, right from the application.

A specific billing for associations

The billing module allows you to treat all invoices in bulk. Moreover, thanks to the payment plan functionality, deadlines are automatically determined, and you can monitor payments. You can then send all necessary reminders to members through the recovery functionality.

Enjoy a real-time analysis of your business

Axelor is also a powerful tool for analyzing your business, offering configurable statistical reporting, on membership for example. The application displays a custom dashboard for each user, when they log in to the application.